How to successfully communicate with trustees and pension funds


Communicating with pension schemes is not easy.

First, there are a vast number of such schemes to communicate with, making any such communication difficult. Second, the trustees responsible for the governance of many such schemes conduct their duties largely on a part-time basis, meaning they have limited time in which to engage with their service providers and any marketing communications those providers produce.

As a direct result of this challenge, Professional Pensions decided to survey scheme trustees and managers about how they preferred to be communicated with – using our weekly Pensions Buzz survey to garner responses over the past 12 months.

As part of this study, we looked at a number of different areas – including top tips for winning beauty parades; what trustees and scheme managers believe makes for great customer service in the institutional pensions market; how best to communicate with trustees and managers; and how scheme approaches to corporate hospitality differ.

We hope you find our snapshot research useful – should you have any feedback, or suggestions for questions we should include in future research, please let us know.

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