We have been at the heart of pensions since 1996.

Our audience is responsible for managing nearly £2 trillion in defined benefit and defined contribution pension scheme assets.

Our audience can be split into four key segments:

Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Fund Trustees
Pension scheme trustees are at the heart of the trust-based pensions world. Be they independent, member-nominated or company-nominated trustees, they are ultimately responsible for ensuring over £1trn of defined benefit and defined contribution assets are invested and administered well.

Pension Fund Managers and Administrators
Pension fund managers and administrators run pension schemes on a day-to-day basis. They are also often responsible for supporting trustee boards and providing strategic advice to sponsoring employers.

Consultants and Advisers
The institutional pensions marketplace is heavily intermediated and pension trustees, managers and sponsoring employers rely on actuarial, investment and provider selection advice from a number of hugely important consultants and advisers.

Pension Fund Investment Officers, Fiduciary Managers and Asset Selectors
Pension fund investment officers, fiduciary managers and asset selectors either heavily influence or make the final decision as to how to allocate the assets of large numbers of pension funds. For those pension schemes with in-house investment expertise, investment officers generate investment ideas and advise trustee boards. Increasing numbers of pension schemes are outsourcing investment to fiduciary managers who are often making allocation and manager selection decisions on behalf of the trustee board. For those companies using contract-based DC arrangements, asset selectors at firms of DC providers (insurers and asset managers) often make key decisions on how to invest member assets.

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