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All measurements are in pixels, width x height.

TypeInitial dimensionsMax expanded dimensionsAssets file sizeHTML5 polite loadStatic file sizeFile typeMax animation loopInitial loadPolite load
Leaderboard728x90728x300200kb300kb40kbGIF, JPG, HTML53200kb300kb
Billboard970x250N/A300kb1mb60kbGIF, JPG, HTML53200kb1mb
MPU (desktop)300x250600x250200kb300kb40kbGIF, JPG, HTML53200kb300kb
MPU (mobile)300x250N/A50kbN/A35kbGIF, JPG, HTML5350kbN/A
Half page300x600600x600300kb200kb50kbGIF, JPG, HTML53200kb300kb
Full page300x1050N/A300kb350kb80kbGIF, JPG, HTML53200kb350kb
Wallpaper1280x900 (Sidebars 131x900)N/AN/AN/A100kbGIF, JPG (3rd party tags)N/AN/AN/A
Mobile banner300x50N/A50kbN/A35kbGIF, JPG, HTML5350kbN/A
Mobile Leaderboard728x90N/AN/AN/A30kbJPGN/AN/AN/A
Mobile MPU300x250N/AN/AN/A30kbJPGN/AN/AN/A
Logo288x68 (max)N/AN/AN/A30kbJPGN/AN/AN/A


  • We do not accept pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • Call to action must be visible on the ad.
  • A visible close button is required on every expanded panel.
  • If an ad contains a white background please include a 1-pixel border surrounding the entire ad.
  • Max animation length for all formats must be 30 seconds.
  • We strongly discourage the use of Flash ads however tools like Swiffy can be used to convert them into HTML5.
  • All creatives should be SSL compliant.
  • All ad units must open a new browser window on click.
  • Creative can only be swapped out a max of three times per flight, unless they are swapped on the back end of a tag.


  • Video player must contain a volume, pause and play buttons.
  • Video volume should not exceed -12db.
  • Video cannot exceed 30 seconds.
  • Maximum Video & Animation Frame Rate is 24fps.
  • Please provide VAST tags for video assets (MP4).
  • In-banner video is accepted. Audio must be muted if video autoplays.


  • If sending Doubleclick (DFA) tags, please send the Internal Redirect tags.
  • Ad verification must be set to monitor. Ad blocking is not permitted.


  • HTML5 advertisements must:
    • work on all browsers
    • be unicode
    • be responsive to all screen sizes and orientations (landscape and portrait)
    • use media selectors to decide on an orientation
    • have an offline fallback
  • For video and audio you can use any HTML5 tags as long as they work in all browsers.
  • Videos should be streamed where possible. Incisive Media cannot host videos.
  • User initial load where applicable is 2.2MB
  • Advert file sizes can be quite large when images and video content is included. Please optimise content where possible.


  • Rich media ads should be third-party ad served.
  • HTML5 ads for websites should preferably be third-party served but can be provided as one Zip file no larger than 300KB.


  • Creatives must be sent five business working days prior to launch for testing and implementation.
  • Allow a 24-48 hour turnaround for all trafficking requests.


All measurements are in pixels, width x height.

TypeInitial dimensionsMax expanded dimensionsAssets file sizeHTML5 polite loadStatic file sizeFile typeMax animation loopInitial loadPolite load


All measurements are in pixels, width x height.

BrandDPS trimDPS bleedDPS typeFull page trimFull page bleedFull page typeHalf page horizontalHalf page verticalHalf page DPSHalf page DPS BleedQuarter page horizontalQuarter page verticalQuarter page DPSQuarter page DPS stripQuarter page stripStripOne-third page horizontalOne third page horizontal/DPSThree quarter page portraitJunior pageSuper A5FireplaceShare squareBox ad
Professional Pensions432x276mm438x282mm412x254mm216x276mm222x282mm194x254mm192x118mm94x243mm408x118mmN/AN/A94x118mmN/AN/A192x56mmN/AN/AN/A143x243mmN/AN/AN/AN/A94x56mm

  • Please supply high-resolution PDFs Acrobat V1.3 (PDF/X-1a compliant with all elements embedded).
  • Spot colours should be converted to CMYK.
  • It is essential that knockout and overprint are used when necessary to avoid overlapping of adjoining coloured areas and any text or images being omitted.
  • Files with native transparency are not supported by our printers and must be flattened before submission (usually saving the PDF down to V1.3 will solve this).