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| Wednesday, Mar 22 2017

Pension Scheme Procurement Timeline: Establishing what a scheme needs

How exactly do pension schemes go about selecting asset managers? How long does the whole process take? And at what stage does each decision take place? Incisive Media and Professional Pensions have conducted some research into these matters, and produced this infographic, setting out the typical process that pensions schemes use. This infographic was produced […]

| Monday, Jan 23 2017

How to successfully communicate with trustees and pension funds

Communicating with pension schemes is not easy. First, there are a vast number of such schemes to communicate with, making any such communication difficult. Second, the trustees responsible for the governance of many such schemes conduct their duties largely on a part-time basis, meaning they have limited time in which to engage with their service […]

| Thursday, Sep 29 2016

A Day in the Life – The Non-Professional Trustee

The first thing to say, where a day in the life of a non-professional trustee is concerned, is that there is no typical day as such: certainly not where their trustee duties are concerned at any rate. After all, being a trustee isn’t their day job. Between the hours of 9am and 5pm, they could […]

| Thursday, Sep 29 2016

Pensions Buzz: Weekends in Monaco and World Cup Finals – the corporate hospitality trustees are offered and what they accept

Professional Pensions asked its audience of trustees and scheme managers about corporate hospitality and gifts. In the second of a two-part series, we look at the corporate hospitality offered and what is accepted. We first asked respondents what is their favoured type of corporate hospitality from advisers, providers or fund managers. Of those who answered, […]

| Wednesday, Aug 24 2016

Pensions Buzz: How to effectively communicate with trustees

Professional Pensions asked its audience of trustees and scheme managers how they prefer prospective advisers and providers to approach them and the sort of communications they like to receive. This is what they said… When asked about how they preferred to be contacted by advisers or providers they don’t currently use, the clear preference was […]