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Author: joekiddle

| Tuesday, Dec 12 2017

Will 2018 be a turning point for markets?

Author: Stephanie Baxter, Deputy Editor at Professional Pensions This article originally appeared on  After a year of stellar growth and stubbornly high valuations, asset bubbles may forming that could lead to market corrections. Stephanie Baxter looks at what 2018 has in store It has been yet another challenging and eventful year for pension scheme investors. Geopolitical […]

| Wednesday, Mar 22 2017

Pension Scheme Procurement Timeline: Establishing what a scheme needs

How exactly do pension schemes go about selecting asset managers? How long does the whole process take? And at what stage does each decision take place? Incisive Media and Professional Pensions have conducted some research into these matters, and produced this infographic, setting out the typical process that pensions schemes use. This infographic was produced […]

| Monday, Jan 23 2017

How to successfully communicate with trustees and pension funds

Communicating with pension schemes is not easy. First, there are a vast number of such schemes to communicate with, making any such communication difficult. Second, the trustees responsible for the governance of many such schemes conduct their duties largely on a part-time basis, meaning they have limited time in which to engage with their service […]

| Tuesday, Dec 06 2016

Investment Philosophy: What attitudes are guiding scheme investments?

Before a pension scheme can plan an investment strategy with its asset manager, it has to determine what its investment goals are and the parameters within which those goals are to be achieved – also known as its investment philosophy. As part of our broader buying cycle content, Pensions and Benefits Market Solutions is looking […]

| Wednesday, Nov 30 2016

Content Marketing in the Asset Management Industry

According to our research, 89% of asset management firms use content marketing, but less than half have a documented strategy in place for it. Just how good are asset managers at content marketing? What types of content are being produced? And how is successful content marketing measured? In this report we look at all these […]

| Thursday, Nov 03 2016

The Top 3 Criteria Used by Pension Schemes to Assess Asset Managers

This blog post will continue to examine aspects of process pension schemes use to evaluate their asset managers. As discussed in previous entries, it’s very important for asset managers to understand what schemes want from them at this critical juncture. Doing so improves the odds of one’s mandate being continued. Our previous two blog posts […]

| Tuesday, Oct 18 2016

3 ways to impress your clients at a review

Pension schemes can feel frustrated by asset managers when it comes to conducting performance reviews. So what can you, as an asset manager, do to help them? In our last blog post, we saw the three behaviours that asset managers should avoid at all costs during a performance review. But what can you do in […]